2 09, 2016

Active Aging News! Week of August 29, 2016

Passport for Wellness is Chugging Along during Indian Summer & the peak of the 2016 Hurricane Season at the Number One, Global Streaming Activity Program for Seniors!

We’re born travelers, so the Active Aging Campaign!

Here’s the latest news from the number one streaming activity program for seniors:

#1 – Exceeding the Vision at the FHCACA Conference 

The Passport for Wellness team started the week out and about at the FHCACA Conference on the Gulf Coast! Marc presented our complete senior wellness program to a packed room of activity directors and senior living specialists. Sharing the mission with a room full of people just as energized about active aging and wellness is amazing! Thank you to all who attended and for your thoughtful questions.


#2 – Celebrate Active Aging Week and Healthy Aging Month 

Hooray! Healthy Aging Month began September 1. Stay tuned all month long on the Activity Director Gina Haigh as she explains what active aging means to her. Thank you Gina for stopping by and meeting with us!

The month caps with an action-packed Active Aging Week; we’ll be jumping onboard with special activities for the themed days.

gina haigh activity director

#3 – Get the Latest News in Senior Wellness on the PFW Paper.li!

Read all about it in the newest Passport for Wellness Daily Newspaper! Learn about anti-aging brain games, important nutrition tips for after 50, secrets to aging well, and new active aging news. There’s always new research being published on mental, physical, and social wellness for seniors and the Passport for Wellness Daily is helping you stay on board with the trends. Peruse the latest or subscribe by clicking here.

#4 – Now Streaming in the UAE!

Thank you, Dubai! We are now streaming to seniors in the UAE! From the UK to South Africa, we are keeping seniors engaged and activity directors fulfilled and inspired. Which country will be next?

streaming live in dubai uae

Join the Senior Active Aging Revolution! Learn More and Receive an absolutely free, 30-day Trial at www.passportforwellness.com

Questions? Email us: info@passportforwellness.com

26 08, 2016

Active Aging News! Week of August 22, 2016

Passport for Wellness is on the Road Again — and More This Week from the Number One Video Streaming Activity Program for Seniors!

It was another wonderful week in senior active aging! The Passport for Wellness team spent the week preparing for upcoming conferences and special events in senior wellness. Here’s a snapshot of where we were and what we did:

#1 – Preparing for the Florida Health Care Activity Coordinators Association Conference – Make Sure You Come and Say Hello!

Our team has been preparing this week for the 42nd annual Florida Health Care Activity Coordinators Association Conference at Sirata Beach Resort & Conference Center in St. Petersburg, Florida.

FHCACA 42nd annual conference

We’ll be celebrating and exploring opportunities in activities for senior citizens from Sunday, August 28-Monday, August 29. We can’t wait to meet with the foremost activity directors and coordinators in Florida to discuss keeping seniors active, engaged, and healthy — and how Passport for Wellness is one of those important and affordable resources!

Interested in setting up a meeting with us before the event? We’d love to tell you how Passport for Wellness can help improve seniors’ quality of life at your facility. Please email us: info@passportforwellness.com!

#2 – Getting Ready for Active Aging Week 2016

Active Aging Week is now less than a month away! This year’s theme, “Exploring the Possibilities,” aims to engage participants in wellness activities. Every day has a new theme, from Dive into Aqua Yoga to Get Skin Health Smart! At Passport for Wellness, we know the possibilities for senior engagement are endless. That’s why we’ll be providing our own flare on Active Aging Week, all week long from September 25-October 1!

active aging seniors

#3 – Stay updated on the latest in Senior Active Aging

Don’t miss the latest updates in senior wellness, senior care, and activities. Whether you are an assisted living professional, activity coordinator, or are caring for a senior in your home, you’ll benefit from signing up for the Passport for Wellness Daily Digital Newspaper! It’s chock full of the latest trends in senior health and activities, so you stay on top of the latest updates. The news bulletin is perfect for activity directors and senior wellness managers. Sign up here.

hank henry passport for wellness

Summer’s almost over – but we love what’s ahead for senior wellness advocacy! Stay tuned for how Passport for Wellness plans to join in the fun and where our visas will be stamped next. Learn More About Passport for Wellness today and take advantage of a free 30-day trial. Visit our Get Started Page here.

19 08, 2016

Active Aging News! Week of August 15, 2016

From the FALA Conference to Passport for Wellness Senior Health Benefits – What’s New for the Week of August 15, 2016 in Active Aging?

Passport for Wellness Logo

What a week! We have been traveling just about as much as our star Hank does, spreading the word about seniors staying healthy and active! Check out what we did to forward senior health and active aging this week: 

#1 – Passport for Wellness at the 2016 Florida Assisted Living Association Conference and Tradeshow! 

Meeting and working with activity directors, enrichment coordinators, recreation therapists, and senior wellness advocates is one of the best parts of our work at PFW, which is why we had so much fun discussing senior wellness, active aging, and creative ideas for seniors the FALA Conference at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando this week! From the show floor and Booth #111 from August 16-17, we were able to attend incredibly and inspiring assisted living-focused classes and get to know so many important senior wellness advocates in the state of Florida.

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth! Sharing the news about Passport for Wellness with caring Floridians who share our vision further inspires us to continue the mission of providing enrichment for our senior citizens in our home state of Florida and worldwide!

FALA Conference Seminar Orlando 2016

FALA 2016 attendees enjoyed a number of informative, inspiring classes.

#2 – Over 1,000 Followers on our Facebook Senior Wellness Community!

Thank you to our global senior advocacy community for helping us reach the 1,000 http://bit.ly/2b8Rpr1

#3 – Dana Clark, MD Discusses the Many Benefits of the Passport for Wellness Video Streaming Exercise Program 

Dr. Dana Clark, board-certified MD in Medicine, Rehabilitation, and Spinal Cord injury, was featured speaking about the benefits of our Passport for Wellness streaming exercise program for active senior aging. The program aims to work the cardiovascular system while building strength and flexibility, which Dr. Clark says is crucial for senior health. Thank you, Dr. Clark for your testimonial! See Dr. Clark’s video on our YouTube video hub here: https://youtu.be/nR4km8r4-r8

get your senior active

Seniors Can Experience Enhanced Cardiovascular Health with Regular Exercise!

#4 – Visiting the United States National Parks During Olympic Week and 100 Years of the US National Park Service!

us national parks episode

All of our episodes come with every subscription, including the National Parks Episode!

What a spirited Rio 2016 Olympics — and a much celebrated 100 Years of the US National Park Service! Many assisted living facilities and senior centers across the country were creating their own version of the Olympic games to stay active this week. We were exercising with our Passport for Wellness facilities across the globe in our US National Parks Episode! From Denali to the Grand Canyon, seniors in South Africa, the UK, and Australia joined our American seniors in dog-sledding and channeling their inner Nik Wallenda.

The National Parks Episode is included in each subscription to the Passport for Wellness video streaming program for Seniors! Preview the US National Parks episode for your home or assisted living facility today: http://bit.ly/2bbNU3k 

For a Free Trial, click here.

#5 – Aloha, Seniors! Passport for Wellness featured in Hawaii

Hawaii News Now 8 in Honolulu, Hawaii shared our Click here to read the release from the Big Island. 

endless summer with hawaii episode

Learn More About Passport for Wellness today and take advantage of a Free 30-Day Trial. Visit our Get Started Page Here.

12 08, 2016

What’s New at Passport for Wellness? Week of August 8, 2016

What’s New This Week at Passport for Wellness, the New Approach to Senior Activities?

Passport for Wellness Logo

Summer is the perfect time to take your seniors to new destinations! Here’s what else is happening at Passport for Wellness, the #1 Video Streaming Senior Activities Program: 

#1 Learn More About  Passport for Wellness at the Florida Assisted Living Association Conference!

Next week, Passport for Wellness will be in attendance at the Florida Assisted Living Association Conference! From August 17-18, Stop by Booth #111 to meet the Passport for Wellness team. Or, set an appointment to discuss Passport for Wellness for your Assisted Living Facility. Email us today at info@passportforwellness.com and we’ll set up a time to chat with you at the Conference & Tradeshow!

florida assisted living association

#2 Bonjour, Paris! Ciao, Italy! Your Seniors Can Explore European Destinations with Passport for Wellness!

Brookdale Tavares Florida Feeding Pigeons in Italy

Seniors at Brookdale-Tavares feeding pigeons in Italy.

Passport for Wellness transports your senior to a walk down the charming streets of the Champs-Elysees. See the gardens of Versailles and ring bells at Notre Dame Cathedral. Or, be like the seniors at Brookdale Tavares and feed the pigeons in Italy’s St.Mark’s Square. Our European destinations keep the mind active with engaging location-themed quiz questions and fun facts. Take your seniors on a summer vacation with us today.

You can Preview the Paris Episode of Passport for Wellness here.

Click Here to Receive a Free 30-Day Trial.

#3 Congratulations to Chris Gerard, Activities Director at Brookdale Ocoee!

Passport for Wellness certified Activities Directors like Chris Gerard of Brookdale-Ocoee inspire us to continue our vision of active living for all ages. Her commitment to the total health and well-being of seniors led Chris to become Passport for Wellness certified this month! Thank you for supporting our mission to engage seniors physically, mentally, and socially.

Chris Gerard Brookdale Ocoee PFW Certified

#4 Have Fun and Stay Active Year Round! Get Your Seniors Active With Our 30-Day Trial!

Activity Directors and Enrichment Coordinators, fill your calendars and inspire you seniors! Try our 30-day FREE trial of Passport for Wellness. Transport your seniors to destinations around the globe, inspiring them to get active physically, mentally, and socially. Viewers engage in the virtual surroundings through 20 minutes of continuous exercise while smiling and laughing along the way.

get your senior active

#5 Passport For Wellness Featured by WDRB in Louisville, Kentucky 

WDRB-TV in Louisville, Kentucky recently featured our international press release, along with other news agencies. Read all about our innovative, video-streaming activity program on their website here.

Stay tuned for more on creative ideas for seniors and our new approach to active aging! click here to take advantage of our Free 30-Day Trial.

Missed last week’s news? Click here to read our Week of August 1 Updates!


5 08, 2016

What’s New at Passport for Wellness?

What’s New at Passport for Wellness, the Number One Video Streaming Activity Program for Seniors?

There’s been so much happening this Summer! Here’s a snapshot of our recent activities: 

#1: Passport for Wellness at the The Residential Home Care Network Official Website Launch

We were so proud to attend the celebration for the official launch of The Residential Home Care Network website as official website sponsors! Our Co-Founder & Creator, Marc, even won the Summer Swag Bag!

marc loyd passport for wellness summer swag bag winner

We’re so inspired by Founder Marcia Miller’s innovative vision and the assistance the network will bring to seniors, their families, and senior home care facility owners and caregivers. Thank you for being a continued supporter of *our* vision of a world of active, healthy, engaged seniors through Passport For Wellness!

#2: Meet with Us at the Florida Assisted Living Association Conference this Month! 

Yes indeed – we wouldn’t miss it! Join us at Booth #111 from August 17-18, 2016 at the Florida Assisted Living Association Conference in Orlando!

To make an appointment with our team to talk about our program for your Florida ALF, as well as more information about official certification as a Passport for Wellness facility, please email us today at info@passportforwellness.com and we’ll set up a time to chat with you at the Conference & Tradeshow!

#3: Add Another Country to our Global List – We’re Now Actively Streaming in South Africa! 

One of our early goals in developing Passport For Wellness was to bring an innovative approach to active aging that had global appeal – so anyone, anywhere in the world with internet capabilities would also have the capability to experience our groundbreaking senior wellness program.

This is why we are so excited to be getting Seniors active in the UK, Canada, and now South Africa! Many thanks, as always, to our global community.

Now Streaming in South Africa

#4: Join us on LinkedIn and Facebook!

Our Senior Active Aging and Wellness Community is growing on LinkedIn and Facebook! Join us today to be a part of our commitment to 100% active seniors through Passport for Wellness across the globe!

Join our LinkedIn Community

Join our Facebook Community

#5: Passport for Wellness Featured by McKnight’s Long Term Care News!


#6: Passport for Wellness at the Florida Assisted Living Association’s Hillsborough Chapter Meeting 

It was a pleasure to educate the Florida Assisted Living Association’s Hillsborough Chapter about Passport for Wellness at their monthly chapter meeting! We also had a great time meeting members and discussing senior health, well being, and active aging! We hope to see all of your at Conference at Booth #111!

FALA Hillsborough Chapter Meeting

Last – but certainly not least – if you haven’t yet taken advantage of our Free 30-Day Trial of Passport for Wellness – now is the time to get your seniors active! Free 30-Day Trial for your home, assisted living facility, senior center, or nursing home today!

Until next time – thank you for joining us and contributing to our Senior Wellness and Active Aging Community!

Marc, Dennis, Brian, and the Passport for Wellness Team

18 07, 2016

Passport for Wellness, the Groundbreaking Video Exercise Program for Seniors, is Now Streaming Worldwide

Passport for Wellness, the Groundbreaking Video Exercise Program for Seniors, is Now Streaming Worldwide

The innovative, video-streaming entertainment, exercise, and activity program and fresh face of the active aging population is now available on an affordable, monthly subscription basis to assisted living facilities, senior centers, and senior caregivers

LAKE MARY, FL – JULY 19, 2016 — Passport for Wellness (http://www.passportforwellness.com), the pioneering video-streaming entertainment, exercise, and activity program for seniors, is now instantly available to assisted living facilities, nursing homes, senior centers, and caregivers throughout the United States and around the globe.

Designed to positively impact and challenge seniors across the spectrum of well-being, including socially, mentally, and physically, each episode of the Passport for Wellness video-streaming program incorporates entertaining storylines and interesting experiences from around the world and throughout history – providing an instant, innovative approach to active living for businesses and families alike.

After just two months on the market, Passport for Wellness has met high demand, and is actively streaming in assisted living facilities, senior-focused facilities, and homes in countries such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

“Passport for Wellness changes the game of active aging,” said Marc Loyd, the program’s Co-Founder and Creator. “Each interactive adventure challenges physical mobility, promotes memory recall, and encourages social communication – all of which have been clinically proven to increase long-term wellness outcomes. Just as important, it’s fun, engaging, affordable, and easy to use.”

Born from the senior care industry’s need for a new, impactful senior exercise program, and carefully created to make the most positive impact on families, medical facilities, and the overarching senior health and well-being community, co-founders Marc Loyd and Dennis Booth have received tremendous positive feedback on their program from physicians, assisted living facility leaders, activity directors, and family members around the world. The response? There is nothing like Passport for Wellness on the market – and it’s transforming lives instantly.

“The active aging market is on the rise, and our largest generation is getting older,” said Booth, Co-Founder and CEO. “As our Baby Boomers continue to age, the need to create efficiencies and improve the standard of care for our seniors also increases.”

Orlando, Florida’s Dr. Dana Clark, MD, a Passport for Wellness contributing physician and board certified in Medicine and Rehabilitation and Spinal Cord Injury Medicine, is invested in the program, too. “I think Passport for Wellness is an excellent program designed specifically for seniors. It combines exercise with cognitive stimulation and allows for a social component as well.”

Passport for Wellness is hosted by Hank, the train conductor, who helps everyone get ready for the journey ahead at the start of every episode, as well as cool down and recover after each adventure. Hank recalls his own experiences in traveling to exciting destinations or periods in time before his younger self, Henry, takes over and guides participants on along their journey of discovery, movement, and experience immersion.

Marcia Miller, senior care trailblazer, founder of the Serenity Adult Family Care Home, watched her residents transform while engaging in the Passport for Wellness program.

“My goal is to provide safe, compassionate care that makes seniors’ hearts smile – and when my residents spend time three to four times per week with Passport for Wellness, their hearts are smiling,” she said. “We even make an event out of it. After we travel to Hawaii, for instance, we spend time after talking about a vacation to the Big Island while eating pineapple – maybe I’ll even splurge on macadamia ice cream for them. They love the scenery, love the questions – and we make it into a big social. The program has changed the way we look at mental, social, and physical activity completely.”

Available in Personal and Business versions, each affordable subscription comes with a complimentary 30-day trial. To learn more about the Passport for Wellness program, and to engage in a Free Trial for your home or business, please click here.


About Passport for Wellness

Passport for Wellness is a video streaming entertainment, exercise, and activity program designed to meet the specific needs of America’s active aging population. Each episode incorporates entertaining storylines and interesting experiences from around the world and throughout history while challenging seniors across the spectrum of well-being – socially, mentally and physically. To learn more, visit us at LinkedIn.