18 11, 2016

5 Ways to Re-Imagine Active Aging

Are you ready to Re-imagine Active Aging? Passport for Wellness joins senior activity professionals from all over the world this week at ICAA Conference 2016!

As you read this, the Passport for Wellness staff is meeting with active aging & senior activity professionals from all over the world to re-imagine brain wellness and fitness. This year’s conference and forum, held in our hometown of Orlando, FL, aims to change the way we think about active aging.

How can you re-imagine active aging at your senior center, ALF, or in your community? Here are 5 ways to do it:

1. Understand Brain Fitness

Yesterday, Harvard neurospsychiatrist Dr. John Ratey spoke to the ICAA Conference audience about how important physical fitness is to brain wellness. For more information from Harvard on how these two important areas intersect, click here.


2. Educate Senior Loved Ones

You can do your part to educate senior loved ones on the benefit of exercise. Whether you’re an activity director, senior residence owner, or a health professional,  exploring active aging with patients/residents and their family may help. Here’s a fact sheet on the importance of senior exercise from NIH Senior Health.

alzheimers prevention

3. Get Creative

Get creative with your favorite seniors! Take a walk, do a little dancing, or reintroduce them to their favorite childhood activity.


4. Talk To The Doctor

If you’re unsure about your senior’s level of physical fitness and ability, talk to their doctor. You can come up with a fitness plan that’s right for them.

5. Try Passport For Wellness!

Passport for wellness is the #1 video exercise program for seniors, and benefits them physically, mentally, and socially. For a true game changing exercise program for your home, ALF, or senior center, visit our Passport for Wellness activity homepage today.

A few easy steps is all it takes to re-imagine active aging for seniors! Contact Us about our senior exercise programs today at info@passportforwellness.com

11 11, 2016

Happy Veteran’s Day from Passport for Wellness!

Happy Veteran’s Day from Passport for Wellness!


We appreciate our American Veterans! Thank you, Veterans, for your honorable and dedicated service.

At Passport for Wellness, we’re all about Active Aging & Resources for Seniors and Caregivers. That’s why we put together this resource list for Veteran Seniors. If you’re a senior veteran or have a veteran loved one, check out these resources for them:

3 Resources for Senior Veterans on Veteran’s Day

1. Veteran Benefits Guide 

We want veterans to get all of the benefits they need and deserve. Military.com has a list of Veteran Benefits that you can explore, including Healthcare Benefits, State Benefits, Memorial Benefits, and more. From information on care for conditions like Traumatic Brain Injury and Mental Health & Wellness, to an explanation of what your state has to offer, visit the Military.com Veteran Benefits guide today.

2. National Parks Lifetime Senior Pass 

Did you know that seniors can get a lifetime senior pass to the US National Parks Pass Information site today to learn more. US Citizens or permanent residents aged 62 or over can take advantage of this amazing benefit! It can be obtained online, in person at a federal recreation site, or through the mail. In some cases, it even provides a 50 percent discount on some amenity fees charged for facilities and services such as camping, swimming, boat launch, and specialized interpretive services. Time to explore and get active!

3. Senior Advisor 

Senior Advisor is one of the Internet’s largest senior resources. Located at SeniorAdvisor.com, you can get access to pricing, ratings, and 100,000 reviews on senior-related services, including in-home care, Alzheimer’s care, Senior Real Estate, a variety of Independent Living options, and more.

Since today is Veteran’s Day, we’ve also included the big list of meal discounts, shopping coupons, and more, exclusively reserved for Veteran’s on this holiday. To see the big list of discounts you can take advantage of today, please click here.

Thank you for celebrating with us!

Passport for Wellness is the #1 video streaming exercise and active aging program for seniors. Strengthening and supporting seniors physically, mentally, and socially, Passport for Wellness is available to seniors and their care facilities worldwide. Please visit us for more information on our Facebook for the latest updates!