Passport for Wellness, the Groundbreaking Video Exercise Program for Seniors, is Now Streaming Worldwide

The innovative, video-streaming entertainment, exercise, and activity program and fresh face of the active aging population is now available on an affordable, monthly subscription basis to assisted living facilities, senior centers, and senior caregivers

LAKE MARY, FL – JULY 19, 2016 — Passport for Wellness (, the pioneering video-streaming entertainment, exercise, and activity program for seniors, is now instantly available to assisted living facilities, nursing homes, senior centers, and caregivers throughout the United States and around the globe.

Designed to positively impact and challenge seniors across the spectrum of well-being, including socially, mentally, and physically, each episode of the Passport for Wellness video-streaming program incorporates entertaining storylines and interesting experiences from around the world and throughout history – providing an instant, innovative approach to active living for businesses and families alike.

After just two months on the market, Passport for Wellness has met high demand, and is actively streaming in assisted living facilities, senior-focused facilities, and homes in countries such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

“Passport for Wellness changes the game of active aging,” said Marc Loyd, the program’s Co-Founder and Creator. “Each interactive adventure challenges physical mobility, promotes memory recall, and encourages social communication – all of which have been clinically proven to increase long-term wellness outcomes. Just as important, it’s fun, engaging, affordable, and easy to use.”

Born from the senior care industry’s need for a new, impactful senior exercise program, and carefully created to make the most positive impact on families, medical facilities, and the overarching senior health and well-being community, co-founders Marc Loyd and Dennis Booth have received tremendous positive feedback on their program from physicians, assisted living facility leaders, activity directors, and family members around the world. The response? There is nothing like Passport for Wellness on the market – and it’s transforming lives instantly.

“The active aging market is on the rise, and our largest generation is getting older,” said Booth, Co-Founder and CEO. “As our Baby Boomers continue to age, the need to create efficiencies and improve the standard of care for our seniors also increases.”

Orlando, Florida’s Dr. Dana Clark, MD, a Passport for Wellness contributing physician and board certified in Medicine and Rehabilitation and Spinal Cord Injury Medicine, is invested in the program, too. “I think Passport for Wellness is an excellent program designed specifically for seniors. It combines exercise with cognitive stimulation and allows for a social component as well.”

Passport for Wellness is hosted by Hank, the train conductor, who helps everyone get ready for the journey ahead at the start of every episode, as well as cool down and recover after each adventure. Hank recalls his own experiences in traveling to exciting destinations or periods in time before his younger self, Henry, takes over and guides participants on along their journey of discovery, movement, and experience immersion.

Marcia Miller, senior care trailblazer, founder of the Serenity Adult Family Care Home, watched her residents transform while engaging in the Passport for Wellness program.

“My goal is to provide safe, compassionate care that makes seniors’ hearts smile – and when my residents spend time three to four times per week with Passport for Wellness, their hearts are smiling,” she said. “We even make an event out of it. After we travel to Hawaii, for instance, we spend time after talking about a vacation to the Big Island while eating pineapple – maybe I’ll even splurge on macadamia ice cream for them. They love the scenery, love the questions – and we make it into a big social. The program has changed the way we look at mental, social, and physical activity completely.”

Available in Personal and Business versions, each affordable subscription comes with a complimentary 30-day trial. To learn more about the Passport for Wellness program, and to engage in a Free Trial for your home or business, please click here.


About Passport for Wellness

Passport for Wellness is a video streaming entertainment, exercise, and activity program designed to meet the specific needs of America’s active aging population. Each episode incorporates entertaining storylines and interesting experiences from around the world and throughout history while challenging seniors across the spectrum of well-being – socially, mentally and physically. To learn more, visit us at LinkedIn.