Hello there, Passport for Wellness travelers! It’s time for your Weekly Active Aging Update!

How have you been this week? We hope you’ve been happy and active-ly aging with your favorite friends!

Hank and crew had a great first week of September, spending Labor Day getting active. In fact, Hank traveled to Sydney, Australia, and enjoyed some exercise while learning more about the far off country – including meeting a Koala!

You can watch a preview of the senior-favorite Sydney episode below:

We also heard from our Active Aging Community about our #1 video-streaming exercise program for seniors! Here are a couple of the fantastic testimonials we received:

“I would absolutely recommend Atria Senior Living

“They told us that the journey we went on was equivalent to a quarter of a mile and I was shocked! For me, it was very relaxing and fun. After trying it, I felt like I got a good workout and I didn’t hurt anywhere.” -Mary “Betty” Fonrose

Mary “Betty” Fonrose tried the Passport For Wellness video streaming exercise program for seniors at her local senior center.

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There’s no doubt about it, September is here, and there’s just a hint of Fall in the air. But hold onto your pumpkin lattes — here at Passport for Wellness, we’re experiencing an endless summer.  When it’s cooling off here in America, it’s warming up in Sunny Australia. Your seniors can travel to the land down under any time they want with our #1 video streaming active aging program.

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“What Is Active Aging to YOU?” 

In honor of September’s Active Aging Week and Healthy Aging Month celebrations, we’re asking the global community what Active Aging means to you! Follow us on Facebook to watch the videos all month long, pulled from the global Passport for Wellness community.

Recent submissions include 24-year-old Edward McDougal, who credits his grandfather as his “active” inspiration, and longtime Activity Coordinator Gina Haigh.

More submissions will be posted next week! To submit your short video on what Active Aging means to you, please submit via our Facebook page by sending us a Message with your video and contact information or post your video and tag yourself on our Active Aging video posts all September long.

Active Aging Senior Activities Testimonials

What does Active Aging mean to Edward? Visit our Facebook page to find out!

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