Hey there, Passport for Wellness Active Aging Community: We hope you’ve had a healthy and active week!

We’re asking an important question all September long: “What does active aging mean to YOU?”

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In honor of September’s Active Aging Week and Healthy Aging Month, we’re asking for your perspective on active aging. Follow us on Facebook to watch the videos all month long.

A recent submission by Jessica Bowman, a work from home mom in Georgia, hits the nail on the head. Jessica succinctly describes active aging as

“Admitting that I need to move my body, and committing to moving it”.

We love your commitment, Jessica! Watch her full video below.

More submissions will be posted from across the entire Passport for Wellness global community next week. To submit your short video on what Active Aging means to you, send us a message on our Facebook page with your video and contact information or post your video and tag yourself on our Active Aging video posts all September long.

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