Passport for Wellness is Chugging Along during Indian Summer & the peak of the 2016 Hurricane Season at the Number One, Global Streaming Activity Program for Seniors!

We’re born travelers, so the Active Aging Campaign!

Here’s the latest news from the number one streaming activity program for seniors:

#1 – Exceeding the Vision at the FHCACA Conference 

The Passport for Wellness team started the week out and about at the FHCACA Conference on the Gulf Coast! Marc presented our complete senior wellness program to a packed room of activity directors and senior living specialists. Sharing the mission with a room full of people just as energized about active aging and wellness is amazing! Thank you to all who attended and for your thoughtful questions.


#2 – Celebrate Active Aging Week and Healthy Aging Month 

Hooray! Healthy Aging Month began September 1. Stay tuned all month long on the Activity Director Gina Haigh as she explains what active aging means to her. Thank you Gina for stopping by and meeting with us!

The month caps with an action-packed Active Aging Week; we’ll be jumping onboard with special activities for the themed days.

gina haigh activity director

#3 – Get the Latest News in Senior Wellness on the PFW!

Read all about it in the newest Passport for Wellness Daily Newspaper! Learn about anti-aging brain games, important nutrition tips for after 50, secrets to aging well, and new active aging news. There’s always new research being published on mental, physical, and social wellness for seniors and the Passport for Wellness Daily is helping you stay on board with the trends. Peruse the latest or subscribe by clicking here.

#4 – Now Streaming in the UAE!

Thank you, Dubai! We are now streaming to seniors in the UAE! From the UK to South Africa, we are keeping seniors engaged and activity directors fulfilled and inspired. Which country will be next?

streaming live in dubai uae

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