Seniors Stay Active and Keep Their Minds Engaged

Passport For Wellness is a video streaming entertainment, exercise, and activity program designed to meet the specific needs of America’s active aging population. Each episode incorporates entertaining storylines and interesting experiences from around the world and throughout history while challenging seniors across the spectrum of well-being – socially, mentally and physically.

Friendly and Familiar Hosts

Passport For Wellness is hosted by Hank, your conductor, who helps everyone get ready for the journey ahead at the start of every episode as well as cool down and recover after each adventure. Hank recalls his own experiences in traveling to exciting destinations or periods in time before his younger self, Henry, takes over and guides participants on along their journey of discovery, movement, and experience immersion.

An Innovative Approach to Active Aging

Passport For Wellness is designed, for the active aging population, to promote wellness through exercise, stretching, and range of motion activities. It also stimulates social interaction and group participation through trivia, nostalgia, and recollection during each episode and afterward with group activities and discussion materials. Most of all, Passport for Wellness promotes having fun and improving the standard of care for happier and healthier seniors!


Marc Loyd

Co-Founder & Creator

Marc Loyd is one of the founders and creators of Passport for Wellness. Marc’s career in entertainment spans over 20 years and he is well known throughout the country as a Radio and TV personality. Marc’s passion for health stems from his own active lifestyle. He is an accomplished runner and Triathlete.

Dennis Booth

Co-Founder & CEO

Dennis is a true leader, with a passion for empowering employees, which leads to quick business growth. With decades of entrepreneurial business development experience, Dennis brings his expertise and an extensive executive network to the Passport for Wellness team.

Contributing Physicians

Dana Clark MD

Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Spinal Cord Injury Medicine

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and Rehabilitation Services

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