Created for Older Adults

Designed specifically to meet the needs of aging seniors, this innovative approach to fun and engaging activities is streaming now!


Stretching, range of motion, flexibility, balance, breathing, and aerobic exercise for 20 continuous minutes


Recollection, recall, discovery, and trivia, plus historical and geographic exploration for active minds.


Group participation, social interaction, humor, storytelling, encouragement, shared experiences, and activities

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  • “It’s not just exercise. It’s fun! It’s educational. It’s uplifting! I would absolutely recommend Passport for Wellness. It meets all residents’ physical, social and mental needs. With Passport for Wellness, I can get all of my activities for the day done in one sitting. This is unique. It gives more time back to do other activities and let’s residents take more ‘me’ time.”

    Ruth Ramos | Activities Director
  • “It seems like it’s a great program to keep people active and improve quality of life – which is a factor that is sometimes ignored. Technology has trained us how to extend life, but not quality of life. Quality of life is what has an impact on lower health care costs overall.”

    George Gordon | Executive Director | Healthbox
  • “I think the Passport for Wellness program is excellent. It combines exercise with cognitive stimulation and allows for a social component as well. The program allows patients the opportunity to share personal experiences associated with the settings allows for social interaction and may be able to improve mood. The exercises are good and allowing clients to participate at their own pace is key in this population.”

    Dana Clark | Rehabilitation Specialist
  • “Passport for Wellness is just a phenomenal program. The quality is incredible. Within just a few minutes you see the quality. From what I’ve seen, this definitely seems like it is the right level of technology for today’s seniors. The way to really make an impact is to find a market and really saturate it. From a technology perspective, I don’t think there is anything out there like this for geriatrics.”

    James Taylor | Executive Director | Florida Technology Council

Reinventing Exercising

A truly unique experience that transforms exercise into entertainment for older adults

Exercise Into Action

Fitness routines become exciting actions to participate in and physically experience during the story.

Knowledge Is Power

Each show weaves the history, culture, and famous locations for that destination into the story.

Complete Immersion

Engaging storylines, intriguing destinations, and exciting experiences entertain your mind as you exercise your body.

Program Features

Features engage and challenge seniors across the spectrum of well-being – socially, mentally and physically.

Easy to Use

Each streamed episode is available to view via YouTube on any internet-connected device.

More Places To Travel

New episodes are always being added, so go somewhere new or revisit a favorite destination.


Our program allows seniors of all ability levels to partake in the fun and go at their own pace.

Fun Activities

Supplemental material from each episode will keep the fun going and the mind working.

Improving the standards of care for happier, healthier seniors.
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